What's our big picture?

We are building a consortium of Northeast Asian refiners to secure lowest price and security of supply.  We aim to create security of oil supply and energy resources which will reduce volatility of oil price.

What’s our field strategy?

We have secured working relationships with current pipelines and will forge new ones that can connect with suppliers from Texas, Permian & Eagle Ford, North Dakota Bakken, Louisiana Offshore Oil Port “LOOP.”  Our key strategy creates integrated plan of supply and pricing advantage.

Strategy Phases

We will create a Northeast Asia Refining Consortium.  Each Company has own account but by consolidating we can create buying power as one entity.  Establishing trade agreements with Gulf Coast producers, shippers we can create 15-25mm BBL/Month delivery and loading process.

Texas Permian & Eagle Ford Basin will be 80% of the Future U.S. Crude Oil production growth.  The large international trading & large midstream companies are securing pipeline space, storage and port locations.  If lowest price & secure oil supply are desirable, then capturing 10MM BBL/Month can be accomplished near term.

We will secure trading agreements with shippers (pipeline operators) in Houston, Corpus Christi and Nederland/Beaumont.  Lionsgate Energy can become a “New Shipper” allowing us to buy directly from producers to lower cost and acquire storage tanks to reduce storage costs.

Acquiring “Space” on existing & New pipelines and leveraging trade agreements with producers, we can build, own & operate a dedicated pipeline to either the Port of Corpus Christi, Houston or Nederland/Beaumont to load tankers.

We will continue to acquire acreage to increase the development of our own reserves.  This is where a significant per BBL lower costs can be achieved. We will make investments in % of several pipelines via direct investment in to equity of pipeline or acquire % of pipeline capacity by being a shipper.

Establishment of positions in various locations and terminal storage tanks of 1~2mmBBL is at the core of our oil supply security strategy.

We will partner with large & mid-sized oil field service companies to have them drill and complete horizontal wells at their costs.  By buying directly from them at cost plus their profits will eliminate “spot” pricing power that E&P companies use today.