About Us

About Us

About Us

Lions Gate transacts energy and commodities on a global scale. We are dynamic, responsible, financially sound and growing.



Established in 1982. Over 38 years experience & knowledge of oil supply and energy resources. Participated in drilling over 400 wells and are currently managing 92 wells.


Lions Gate sources and supplies crude oil, petroleum diesel and bunker fuel globally. In support, we partner with operators with growing portfolio of production, logistic and storage assets.


Our development is founded on organic growth and expansion. Central to this, we actively seek to invest in partnerships with customers, commodity producers and service providers.


Lions Gate has diversified its business to trading in a wide spectrum of petroleum products including crude oil, petroleum diesel, and bunker fuel. A key success factor is our extensive risk management culture.

Company Mission

company provides First Class services worldwide.

Our mission is to develop oil and gas leases in proven productive areas with substantial reserves where risks are traditionally low.

We continue to expand our relationships and partnerships with other successful operators in order to further reduce risk and improve investment returns.

Our Approach

Exposure to multiple assets with various risk levels, allows for a portfolio theory similar to traditional investing, each oil and gas asset has its own risk characteristics, therefore, the chance for a poor performing asset is minimized.

Relationships and pure “on the ground” knowledge, allows for direct negotiation of a specific asset versus being “bid up” in an auction process.

Lions Gate prides itself on having relationships – mostly exclusive – with firms that developed expertise in their respective areas and in each specific geographic region. Local knowledge is critical to success in the oil and gas industry.

Lions Gate’s approach of due diligence on our partners and internal due diligence on each specific asset allows for multiple layers of scrutiny on each asset.

With the influence of Group TK, communication from affiliates is one in which there are no unworthy questions. This is a complex industry that can be communicated in respectful, thoughtful, and clear way without confusing industry jargon.