Over 38 years experience & knowledge of oil supply and energy resources. Participated in drilling over 400 wells and are currently managing 92 wells.
We are building a consortium of Northeast Asian refiners to secure lowest price and security of supply. We aim to create security of oil supply and energy resources which will reduce volatility of oil price.
We have secured working relationships with current pipelines and will forge new one that can connect with suppliers from Texas, Permian & Eagle Ford. Our key strategy creates integrated plan of supply and pricing advantage.

Lions Gate


Our mission is to drill and develop oil and gas leases in proven productive areas with substantial reserves where risks are traditionally low.

Through 1984, the majority of Western’s drilling was in a 50-75 mile radius of Wichita Falls in the Ft. Worth Basin – long before it was known as the Barnett Shale. When drilling options in the Ft. Worth Basin started depleting in the late 1980s, Western’s focus shifted to other basins in Texas and Oklahoma and identified reserves that had successful oil production in surrounding states.

We continue to expand our relationships and partnerships with other successful operators in order to further reduce risk and improve investment returns. Lions Gate now uses advanced technology such as 3-D seismic and consults with geologists and geophysicists, familiar with the prospective areas, for input on the reserve potential. Through these relationships and technology, we have countless participating opportunities and are able to create attractive diversified well programs that provide clear risk reduction.

Our Business

We provide security of supply at a competitive price

We specialize in strategic planning for refiners and companies seeking crude oil, petroleum diesel and bunker fuel.

Our integrated approach delivers reduced volatility of price and create security of supply and energy resources.

Exclusive services

Catered specific to your needs

Provide optionality based on integrated plan of supply advantage

Expert Operation

Safety and operational excellence

Linking Permian, Eagle Ford & Cushing Crude to multiple export locations

OUR Services

Global Professional Energy Management

Our core business is to source and supply crude oil and refined petroleum products. We deliver cost saving strategies with security of supply to refiners.

We are establishing a new business model beyond the existing market of petroleum products, and is securing the highest competitiveness in the Asian petroleum industry.


Work with big
and small CLIENTS

Licensed Texas based oil and gas operator.  Operates horizontal and vertical wells producing from the Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford formations.

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We always stand beside you in order to realize the maximum value

For a leap towards ‘the most innovative Energy Source & Supply company’ in the world, we will continue to develop new growth businesses and to seek the greatest happiness of our customers.

Lions Gate plans to develop new growth businesses through consistent challenge and innovation in the rapidly changing business environment.

We ask for your steadfast support and encouragement for our leap towards being ‘the most innovative Energy Source & Supply company’.

Thank you.